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Unstoppable U®

Unstoppable U® is the signature, copyrighted 10-week program that puts you at the top of your list with practical tools to get you back to the real you: rested, healthy, and able to be there for all the people and things you love!
Skip the intro, just tell me what I'll get!
With a simple, straightforward system you will figure out where all that time and energy you used to have has gone, and how to get it BACK. Three modules, fun tools, and small group connection - that's it. Learn more about Unstoppable U® below!

Create Space

In Module 1 you'll regain your physical, mental and emotional footing to manage life without feeling overwhelmed. It's much more than a spa day or a mani-pedi - you'll break the cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion and carve out breathing room by focusing first on the foundation of Tactical Self Care. These core practices and tools will be your new go-to's as you open up time and create space in your life. And you'll build connection and get professional coaching support in weekly small group coaching sessions!

UU Module 1 desc.

Create Calm

With your foundation set, it's time to ditch the self-sacrificing and begin balancing your needs with the needs (and demands) of those who matter most. You'll master healthy boundaries and time management and set a new standard for managing the business of life without losing your mind! Module 2 gives you the Practical Self-Care tools to set boundaries, and create time and energy for YOU, no matter what is going on in your life.

UU Module 2 desc.

Create Comfort

At last! We get to the bubble baths, spa days and Enjoyable Self-Care! Life is humming along more smoothly, you have reclaimed your time and energy…and creating the Well-Being practices of your dreams is in sight. All that's left to do is really GET IT that the only way you can show up for who, and what, matters most to you is by prioritizing yourself. We provide the tools and support, you provide the self-love that will allow you to be in the world as your best Self. Mani/pedi, anyone?!

UU Module 3 desc.
The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff

Unstoppable U® includes:

  • Weekly live group coaching with Logan Reed, PCC-certified coach with 10 years of private practice experience

  • Practical, proven tools you'll use again and again

  • Self-paced video tutorials with real-life applications

  • Practices that YOU customize to work best for you

  • Members-only Facebook group with exclusive content

  • Connection, laughter and learning with other amazing women

What participants say:

"I  loved the safe, supportive gentle space you and Anna created for us to do this yummy work!"

"That was lovely, just the right amount of time and material. Can't wait for tomorrow evening!"

"Wonderful class tonight! I feel like I walked away with tools that we can readily deploy -- awesome job"!


"I feel like I'm glowing!"

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