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Welcome to

The Boundaries Reset

Setting and Maintaining

Healthy Boundaries in 2022

February 10 - March 1

Tuesdays & Thursdays
5:30pm - 6:30pm PT

Are you tired of saying yes, when you want to say no…but feel guilty, selfish or mean when you even think about saying that dreaded word? Like so many women, you know that you need (and desperately want!) boundaries…but don’t know how to maintain them without feeling like a Bad Person. You are not alone, my friend.

In our new 3-week program, The Boundaries Reset, you will be guided through our step-by-step process for creating and maintaining the healthy boundaries that you crave…but are so elusive, up until now. And the best part? You will have FUN doing it!

Week 1

We uncover your self-limiting beliefs about boundaries and take away their hold on you, as you replace them with new, empowered beliefs. We call this Your Personal Mythology, and it is the foundation for creating and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Week 2

You will apply your new beliefs using our Beloved Boundaries tool, creating boundaries from a place of power and self-love, as the key to being there for the people and things that matter most in your life.

Week 3

We’ll keep the momentum going by using our Taming Emotions tool, your new best friend for maintaining healthy boundaries when emotions are running high. This will be your new special weapon when you feel overwhelmed or find that your boundaries are being tested.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Each week’s tool and training will be reinforced by the power and magic of group coaching, which provides an extra layer of love and support in the company of other amazing women who are doing the work right along with you. This is where the a-ha moments, deep insights and transformation happen!

Give us ninety minutes of your time for 3 weeks, and we will show you that

creating and maintaining healthy boundaries doesn’t have to be hard!

Register and get started today!*

Cost is $297
*(registration is limited for this high-touch event)
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